Hi there,

My name is Surian Soosay. I am a digital fine artist and illustrator at FRAME00. I have been making digital artwork online for 7 years and before that I studied photography, film and image BA(HONS) in Edinburgh. I have also worked as a video game tester, animation assistant and as a TEFL English teacher in China and Spain while travelling.

I have made a lot of artwork and it has been featured on many websites around the world – including Wired, Tech Crunch, The Guardian, Gizmodo, arsTechnica, Fast Company … and many more. I love using Photoshop in new ways, creating unique styles and processes, or putting modern twists on old ones.

I am currently working remotely for FRAME00. I am their ‘artist in residence’ and I’m really enjoying it.

– How did you meet FRAME00 founder Mayumi Hara?

We met via Flickr and LinkedIn. I make a lot of artwork online and she is a fan of what I do. I needed help with marketing and branding plus she was looking for artist at her company.

– Why do you make art?

It is just something I have to do. It is hard to explain – “Earth without Art is just ‘EH’”

When I was younger I wanted to make digital short videos – however to make videos (of the quality I would like) I would need a lot more funding, time, energy, and a team.

However, with digital fine art I can express myself very quickly, everyday, anywhere and by myself. It gives more leeway with the challenges of the real world. Plus I think I am better at this type of art. I always have lots of ideas, and I wanted a way to express myself quickly and effectively – digital stills and animated gifs do this.

– What do you want to do next with FRAME00?

There are lots and lots of directions you can take in art, it is important to stay focused and know your goals or you might end up not doing your best work.

I like experimenting and pushing Photoshop and After Effects – making images/animations people haven’t seen before. FRAME00 understand this and gives me the time and support I need to focus on my artwork. Trying to innovate/re-invent art is a big undertaking in itself. So having a team to represent me and help with the business/marketing/administration side of things is extremely beneficial.

Main Areas of Focus-

  • Digital fine art and illustration (Photoshop and After Effects software)

Subcategories –

  • Natural media sketching / illustration (Artrage software)
  • Digital Photography and Videography
  • Creative writing, poetry, helping Japanese staff with English (My TEFL background)
  • Art Software / Website Testing (My QA Tester background)
  • Researching, networking, meditating and other miscellaneous aspects of creating high quality digital art.

Digital fine art is a new exciting industry; FRAME00 is bridging the gap between the online digital artist and art galleries/business opportunities. I am proud to be part of the team.

Cheers, Surian


Is Steve Jobs Watching Me? / Apple iPhone Location Tracking by Surian Soosay

デジタル領域における芸術表現を得意とし、精力的に制作を続け、今までに手掛けたグラフィックは1000作品を超える。独創的なコンセプトと多様な表現力が人気を博し、WIRED、VICE Motherbooard、Forbes、Factor Magazineなど世界中の雑誌のカバービジュアルを飾る。