Surian’s Blog – Update September 2017


After Effects Study


At around 2010 I made a conscious decision to focus on stills instead of the moving image – I was tired of having ideas and not being able to make them fast. I just wanted to get back to basics and draw on the PC like when I was a kid.

I am a believer in the ’10 years to become an expert rule’. I wanted to just get my head down, become the artist I wanted to be – Daily focus, practice and study.

Around that time GIFs were already established but the quality wasn’t as good (from what I remember) – they were small, the loading times were slow and they had lots of dithering (small dots to represent complex colour). Streaming videos at the early stages (2006-ish) were very pixelly too, however, in the past years the playback on both GIFS and streaming videos have become larger/higher resolution and faster, it has sparked my interest again.

So I’ve decided to get back into moving image and focus of GIFs primarily. I like GIFs because I can make them relatively fast and they feel like a middle ground between stills and moving image.

It has been a while since I’ve used After Effects, so I’ll be spending these coming months practising and getting comfortable with it again.

The six foundations of After Effects:
1. Compositions
2. Layers
3. Animation (keyframes etc.)
4. Effects
5. 3D (I don’t really work in 3D, my work is 2D)
6. Rendering

Studying software can feel overwhelming at times, but I just need to break it up into parts. My next phase is to focus on animations – just simple ‘keyframe, tweening’ animations – the goal is to focus more on ‘movement’ rather than ‘effects and polish’. So I thought just simple black and white animations of my ‘ssoosay’ logos / frame00 logo / text. Focus on interesting and natural movement rather than flashy effects. So this will be my main focus in September.

Other things I’ve been working on last month:

  • Helping FRAME00 development staff with website concepts and brainstorming (plus Trello board tasks)


  • Vice Motherboard’s Terraform is back. I was commissioned to do illustration for another sci-fi short:


  • I’ve made more artwork for Between Borders International


  • I’ve had artwork printed in Women in Diplomacy by Talyn Rahman-Figueroa


  • Plus all the daily Photoshop art, GIFS and sketching.

Visit again next month for more updates 🙂

Cheers, Surian