GIF Experiments for Frame00


I was commissioned twice this month for Vice Motherboard Terraform to make Sci-fi artwork




I made artwork for Between Borders International – Syrian refugee writing prose about the Rohynga crisis


Helping FRAME00 Development team with brainstorming and website concepts / mock-ups

And also my daily art and sketches as usual 🙂

Other behind the scenes Notes…

Collection Of My Own Digital Artwork

My Own Journey, My Own Artwork Collection:

Since I was young I’ve been into collecting stuff, I used to collect comics, Anime VHS, videogames (I used to have a very large Sega Dreamcast collection). At around 2008 I sold almost everything except my DVDs, I wanted to create rather than just consume – a new start. I kept my DVDs however, as I was too attached to them, they helped inspire my artwork.

As an adult, I want to collect my own digital artwork. I hope at the end of my life there will be a nice series of images. People can see the journey and the development, the different stages – ‘The ssoosay Artwork Collection’.

I hope FRAME00 can help me present my work in a better way. I dream of having my work in a nice portfolio site / books / postcards / discs / USBs / micro SD cards, or just a nicely presented digital display.

Anyway, I need to get my head down and work hard in the coming months. Stop collecting and just create – or – Create and collect my own work.

Habit App

The website Trello really helps me as a To-Do app, but I was looking for an app to help keep on top of my habits – I have started to use an app call – Habithub. You add a green dot if you have done the habit, red for fail and blue for skip. It took me a while to figure out the habits I want to be consistent with, but it seems to be working so far.

Check next month for more updates. Cheers, Surian



Is Steve Jobs Watching Me? / Apple iPhone Location Tracking by Surian Soosay

デジタル領域における芸術表現を得意とし、精力的に制作を続け、今までに手掛けたグラフィックは1000作品を超える。独創的なコンセプトと多様な表現力が人気を博し、WIRED、VICE Motherbooard、Forbes、Factor Magazineなど世界中の雑誌のカバービジュアルを飾る。