Surian’s Blog – Update November 2017

Practicing After Effects Fundamentals

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am moving back into creating moving images (GIFS), instead of just still images – which has been my main focus these past years.

Being an artist, I constantly have to learn things, or re-learn things I’ve forgotten, I’ve managed to practice After Effects this month and get back to the fundamentals. I wanted to practice simple animation movement, rather than effects.

List of some technical fundamentals I have been practicing:

  • Temporal and Special Transformations
  • Easing
  • General Keyframe Experimentation
  • Keyframe Interpolation
  • Puppet Tool
  • Media Encoder Experimentation
  • Graph Editor – this has been my main area of practice, it is very important for nice movement.
  • I experimented with ‘parenting’ and ‘expressions’, but I will develop this more next month
  • I experimented with Character Animator CC – but my results were not successful, I will try again next month.

…and more technical aspects I haven’t mentioned.

My animation movement has improved; I just need to keep practicing and adding new principles/ techniques when required.

Vice Motherboard Terraform Artwork

This month I was commissioned to make more sci-fi artwork. I created conceptual product packaging and fake GIF pop up adverts.

… I mainly focused on studying this month, but I managed to do some daily artwork, sketches, scrapbooking, equipment set-ups and Trello tasks as usual.

Come back next month for more updates 🙂

Cheers, Surian