This month I did something a bit different and travelled to Tenerife, Spain (one of the Cannery Islands). I didn’t have a holiday this year and I just wanted some sun during the cold and dark Scottish winter.

I did work when I was away however, the main thing was taking photos and video for artwork. I wanted to practice ‘motion collages’.

My initial idea was to take video and make collages, however I didn’t like the look of the results after some experiments – for video to look professional you need higher-end cameras and better lighting. So I decided to just experiment with photography.

Some of my results are below (more examples are in my portfolio). I made a ‘Move Mountain’ series (plus other images). This is just the start; now after some practice I know how to push this technique further. I will experiments more with this in the coming months.

I like travelling and making artwork. New places help inspire me.

You can see more at:

I was also commissioned to make artwork for Vice Motherboard Terraform. The story this month was about air pollution, a subject close to my heart after living in a very polluted area of China for a few years.

…and as usual more daily artwork/sketches, interviews, Trello tasks etc.

Check again next month for more updates, I will keep trying to improve and learn/practice new techniques  🙂


Is Steve Jobs Watching Me? / Apple iPhone Location Tracking by Surian Soosay

デジタル領域における芸術表現を得意とし、精力的に制作を続け、今までに手掛けたグラフィックは1000作品を超える。独創的なコンセプトと多様な表現力が人気を博し、WIRED、VICE Motherbooard、Forbes、Factor Magazineなど世界中の雑誌のカバービジュアルを飾る。