Surian’s Blog – Update January 2017


In December I was doing more ‘behind the scenes’ stuff – FRAME00 have released two new sites ‘ART GOODS SHOP / OO’ – so I gave a lot of feedback and consultation. Below is a screenshot of my introductory blurb:

End of The Year

As well as Christmas and New Year festivities, I have been getting things ready for 2018 – backing-up, organizing, tidying etc. More admin type stuff. I haven’t finished this yet. Below is an album thumbnail for next year:

Vice Motherboad Terraform

I was commissioned twice this month to make sci-fi artwork for Terraform. One was a futuristic war story and the other was a tale about an apocalyptic Christmas:

…Also I completed Trello tasks, and made daily artwork / sketches as usual:

Check again next month for more updates 🙂