Planning, Admin, Brainstorming

I was getting back into the swing of things after Christmas and New Year, in January it is really cold and dark in Scotland, sometimes it can be hard during this time of the year. I spent time in January planning, brainstorming and soul searching – trying to figure out directions to go with my art. I have some ideas, it is worthwhile to do.  Something I like to do at the beginning of the year to make sure I go in the right direction.

Helping Advertise ART GOODS SHOP Products

FRAME00 have released the ART GOODS SHOP. I have been helping advertise products. Examples below:

Artwork for Polymer Japan Cafe

FRAME00 asked me to make artwork for the upcoming Polymer Japan Cafe event. I came up with a variety of different designs:

Sci-fi Artwork for Vice Motherboard Terraform

I was commissioned twice in January to make sci-fi illustrations for Motherboad Terraform. One story was about ‘sleep call centres’ in India – a dystopian future where people can buy sleep. The other story was about the last days of earth, a story about New York going under water:

Daily Artwork

… I also made daily artwork, sketches, gifs as usual.

Come back next month for more updates, hopefully this year we can make some great progress 🙂

Is Steve Jobs Watching Me? / Apple iPhone Location Tracking by Surian Soosay

デジタル領域における芸術表現を得意とし、精力的に制作を続け、今までに手掛けたグラフィックは1000作品を超える。独創的なコンセプトと多様な表現力が人気を博し、WIRED、VICE Motherbooard、Forbes、Factor Magazineなど世界中の雑誌のカバービジュアルを飾る。