This month FRAME00 asked me to make artwork for ‘SSR’ – One of their new projects in development.

I made over 150 different experiments. FRAME00 will survey and see which are popular with users.

I will continue to make more letter experiments in the coming months for ART GOODS SHOP. Some examples are below:


As well as the Font artworks, I again focused on specific artwork for the ART GOODS SHOP – this process is ongoing and I will continue with it next month. Some examples below:


In March I was also commissioned three times by Vice Motherboard Terraform to make sci-fi artwork:

The first story was about the fate of a dying Syrian inventor – The Inventor

The second story was about a daughter who has agreed to die to add years onto her parents’ lives – The Last Rites of Quotient Lorenzo-Lochbaum

The third story was about a shop where minds can be liberated to millions of possible earths – The Store of the Worlds

Other Misc. Artworks and Experiments

I also managed some other art experiments this month too. Some examples below:

Check next month for more updates 🙂 Surian

Is Steve Jobs Watching Me? / Apple iPhone Location Tracking by Surian Soosay

デジタル領域における芸術表現を得意とし、精力的に制作を続け、今までに手掛けたグラフィックは1000作品を超える。独創的なコンセプトと多様な表現力が人気を博し、WIRED、VICE Motherbooard、Forbes、Factor Magazineなど世界中の雑誌のカバービジュアルを飾る。